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LuLu & Max Teas are handcrafted with a blend of all natural herbs, fruits, tea leaves, and savory spices. Each tin brews about 35-40 cups of tea. Net Wt. 3.5oz. 

White Pear
Crisp blend of ripe pears and rose hips infused into white tea leaves.
Ingredients: White tea leaves, apples, natural pear flavor, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, raspberry leaves, cranberries, natural watermelon flavor, rose petals and red clover.

Apricot Marmalade
A pleasing blend of ripe sticky apricots, flower petals and sweet crisp apples.
Ingredients: Black tea leaves, apricots, apples, natural fruit flavor, calendula petals and rose hips.

Frosted Black Currant
A happy blend of sweet strawberries, sun ripened black currants and crisp apples.
Ingredients: Black tea leaves, black currant leaves, and natural fruit flavor, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, apples, natural strawberry flavor, strawberries and raspberry leaves.

Autumn Harvest
A harmonizing blend of warm pumpkins, rich vanilla beans and sweet cinnamon sticks.
Ingredients: Black tea leaves, natural pumpkin spice flavor, cinnamon bark, cloves, ginger root, cardamom pods and calendula petals.

Apple Orchard
A comforting blend of warm apples, savory cinnamon, and sweet caramel.
Ingredients: Black tea leaves, calendula petals, apples, natural caramel flavor, natural apple fruit flavor and cinnamon bark.

Blackberry Lavender
A relaxing blend of lavender and blackberries infused with sweet cinnamon and rich vanilla.
Ingredients: Black tea leaves, blackberry leaves, natural fruit flavor, cinnamon chips, lavender buds and red clover.

Summer Peach & Ginger
A delightful blend of sweet peaches & refreshing crisp ginger.
Ingredients: Black tea, ginger, peaches, natural fruit flavor, calendula petals, orange peel and red clover.

Raspberry mojito
An uplifting blend of garden herbs, mint leaves and sweet raspberries. 
Ingredients: Spearmint leaves, peppermint leaves, licorice root, rose hips, hibiscus flowers, apples, natural raspberry flavor, red clover, fennel seed and raspberries.

A relaxing blend of fragrant jasmine infused green tea leaves and sweet strawberries.
Ingredients: Green tea infused with jasmine flowers, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, apples, natural strawberry flavor, strawberries, red clover and raspberry leaves.

Blueberry Mango
A mouthwatering blend of mangos, apples, rosehips and sweet blueberries.
Ingredients: White tea leaves, natural blueberry fruit flavor, raspberry leaves, blueberries, rose hips, apples, mangos, hibiscus flowers and natural mango fruit flavor.